Foundation Burger ($11) Three Spinach Leaves

Too cool for a website.
Too cool for chilled water.
Too cool for chairs that are the right height for the table.

Yes, a little tongue in cheek. But, I really do think this place is too cool! Well, maybe just too cool for me. It’s a place of the people – complete with revolutionary wall quotes (and reasonable prices!). Totally hipster. Like dude-wearing-a-backwards-Expo 86-hat hipster. But maybe not so hipster these days since decidedly less cool vegetarians like me (and J) have been invading it.

The food is wholesome and full of healthy ingredients like quinoa, tofu, beans and vegetables. The portion sizes are big and the food has a homemade quality to it (not that anything I could make at home would taste half as good).

Tasting homemade is nice, but it also seems like everything is just a bit shy of being truly delicious. I have a feeling that perfecting the dishes would reek of trying too hard, which is of course very uncool. Revolutionaries can’t be bothered with such fussiness. Every dish I’ve tried here has been flavourful – but short of spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, I still like eating here and would go back…but probably on days when I feel especially inclined to eat healthy.

I tried their veggie burger a couple of years ago and remember it being meh, but I thought I’d try it again just in case it had changed. It’s still meh. We actually ordered two kinds – the Foundation Burger and the Persistent Pnut Burger. They pretty much tasted the same. The bun was dry and there was no outstanding flavour. The side salad of squash and greens was quite good though, thanks to some really yummy mango dressing.

Veggie burger

Veggie burger

The customer service was fine, but, again, too cool to be extra friendly or attentive. We went on a weeknight that wasn’t too busy, so we were seated right away and the food came out quickly.

This is definitely a must-try place if you are vegetarian. I recommend getting the nachos or one of the other dishes on the menu (molten tofu with quinoa and the che pole t with rice are good) and skipping the burgers. Lots of gluten-free and vegan options too.
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