Café Deux Soleils

Pesto Veggie Burger ($9.35) Three and half spinach leaves

So many veggie burger options, so little stomach capacity! They’ve got:

Pineapple Tofu: marinated tofu with grilled pineapple
Mexi: fresh tomato salsa and banana peppers
Pesto: veggie patty with basil pesto
Hummus: vegan with multigrain bun
Quatro: sautéed mushrooms, red onions, cheddar, monterray jack, feta, mozzarella

I went with the pesto and made it a cheeseburger. If you are a pesto lover- this is the burger for you! If you have even the slightest aversion to pesto, then this will be too much. It was a LOT of pesto and I felt like a walking bulb of garlic after. But, that’s how I roll! It was a little difficult to break through the pesto flavour to taste much else, so it’s hard to say what the patty really tasted like. I got mine with a side of half salad and half hash fries (I love it when you can have a bit of both!).

Cafe Deux Soleil 2 Cafe Deux Soleil
I really like this place. It’s ALL VEGETARIAN! It’s a very casual, seat-yourself and order-at-the-counter type of cafe. It’s actually quite spacious with really high ceilings, which is hard to tell from the street. We went at lunch time on a holiday and still easily found a table. The menu is on a giant chalkboard. The clientele is really diverse and it has a really welcoming “community” feel to it, complete with a communal table and play area for kids. At night, the play area becomes a stage for live entertainment. The brunch menu looks really good too. They’ve got a good selection of vegan and gluten-free mains Including GF toast! But, unfortunately, no GF burger buns. 
Gluten-Free Options: Thai Vegetable Curry, Quinoa Bowl, Chilli, most of the brunch options look GF
Vegan Options: Chilli, burgers can be made vegan, Tofu Scramble, soup

I can totally see this place becoming a favourite of mine and I’m definitely going back to try more things. BTW, there is also another vegetarian restaurant on commercial drive called Café du Soleil, which is not to be confused with this one. I haven’t tried the other one, but I will! Their sign says that they are “the original” Café du Soleil. Sounds like Commercial Drive vegetarian drama!!!

I give it 3.5 spinach leaves out of five.

Check out the menu here

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