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December 25, 2015

Vegetarian Poutine

August 4, 2015



Poutine Whip

5 Best Vegetarian Poutines in Vancouver

Dear vegetarian, you TOO can enjoy a poutine this Christmas! For any vegetarian out there that has not yet tried… Continue reading »

Poutine Recipe

Vegetarian Poutine

Gravy Recipe was modified from Epicurious. This miso mushroom gravy is the best gravy ever.  

heirloom outside


If you are vegetarian, you have to visit Heirloom at some point.  I like that it has both vegetarian and… Continue reading »

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Best Vegetarian Smokies Ever

The Black Lodge is a really small vegetarian restaurant on a quiet part of Kingsway. The inside looks like a… Continue reading »

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Butternut Squash Pasta

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  My time and energy have all been eaten up (pardon the… Continue reading »

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Food Trucks

Food trucks are taking over the world! Ok, maybe not total world domination, but they are everywhere!! I feel like they’re… Continue reading »

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She’s Fabulous Frittata

My sister-in-law “She” has an amazing ability to take random stuff in the fridge and whip up something delicious. Just… Continue reading »

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Vegetarian Chili & Sloppy Joes

I used this chili starter the first time I ever made chili and it turned out delicious. And it’s FAST…. Continue reading »

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This tiny place in kits serves vegetarian food and all kinds of fresh juices.  The house-made veggie burger is quite… Continue reading »

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Tangent Cafe

This is a cute, vegetarian-friendly Commercial Drive place that serves a satisfying breakfast/brunch at a very reasonable price. The restaurant… Continue reading »